The following file formats, are supported by Any Image for reading (R) and / or writing (W):

Ext.R/WFormat description
BBMRDeluxePaint brush.
BMPR+WWindows bitmap format.
CALRComputer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support format.
CALSRComputer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support format.
CURRWindows cursor.
DDSR+WDirectDraw surface.
DIBRWindows device independent bitmap.
FIFRFractal image file. *
FITRFlexible image transport system.
FITSR+WFlexible image transport system.
GIFR+WGraphics interchange format.
HDRR+WRadiance RGBE image format.
ICORWindows icon.
IFFRInterchange file format.
IMGRRadiance RGBE image format.
JIFRJPEG image file.
JP2R+WJPEG 2000 file format. *
JPCR+WJPEG 2000 code stream. *
JPGR+WJPEG format.
LBMRDeluxePaint bitmap.
MACRMacPaint image.
NEORNeochrome image.
PBMRPortable bitmap format.
PCXR+WPC Paintbrush image.
PFMRPortable floatmap format.
PGMRPortable graymap format.
PICRPC Paint image.
PICRRadiance RGBE image format.
PNGR+WPortable network graphics.
PNMRPortable image format.
PPMRPortable pixelmap format.
PSDR+WPhotoShop format.
PXRRPixar format.
RASR+WSun raster format.
RASRComputer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support format.
RAWR+WRaw image description file.
RLERWindows RLE compressed bitmap.
SUNRSun raster format.
TIFR+WTag image file format.
TIFFR+WTag image file format.
WEBPR+WGoogle WebP image format.

* Supported in 32-bit version only.