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Audio Converter — Instrument Editor — Music Performer

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Awave Studio is a multi-purpose audio tool that reads a veritable host of audio carrying file formats from different platforms, synthesizers, trackers, mobile phones… — It can be used in a variety of ways — as a file format converter, as an audio editor, or as a synth instrument editor. It is the swiss army knife for anyone working with digital audio and music.

Screenshot of the main window
Screenshot of the main window

Here are just a few examples of common tasks:

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File formats galore:

Awave Studio can read almost any imaginable audio file format - in total circa 300 formats.

→   See the complete file formats list!

Some synthesizers use disk formats and file systems that are not recognized by Windows. Many of these can still be read by the program by talking directly with the hardware.

→   See the list of special I/O formats!

Full support for up to 32-bit floating point sample data format guarantees that the highest audio quality is maintained during all conversion and audio processing operations.

The program does so many different things — even this list is far from complete…

Ok, so what doesn't it do?

It does not convert from WAV to MIDI. It can only do very basic MIDI editing (so look elsewhere for a good sequencer). It won't handle more than 2 audio channels (so no 7.1 sound). It needs to fit all sound data into memory (so no 10 hour recordings — but do check out Awave Audio  if you need a tool for converting large recordings and/or multi-channel audio).

If you are unsure — then why not download the free 30 day-trial version?   Seeing is believing!

You can try almost all functionality — we don't hide any ugly surprises — we have confidence in our product!


The Awave Studio main window

The instrument layer overview tab

The layer keymap editor

The drum kit editor

Articulation overview page

The envelope editor

The waveform editor

The loop editor

The audio processing wizard - step 1

The audio processing wizard - step 2 (example)

The Batch Conversion Wizard - Step 0: Selecting batch type

The Batch Conversion Wizard - Step 1: Selecting input files

The Batch Conversion Wizard - Step 2: Selecting output options

The Batch Conversion Wizard - Step 3: Converting

List of file formats supported by Awave Studio…

Special I/O formats

The vast majority of formats that Awave Studio supports can be handled as normal files using Windows. However, a few hardware synthesizers use disk formats and/or file systems that are not compatible with Windows and can not be accessed in a normal manner. The program can directly read the following 'special' formats by communicating directly with the hardware and directly interpreting the file system and/or disk formats:

The following formats can not be read directly. However, you can use 3rd party utilities to create "floppy disk image" files that it can then read:

Then there's of course support for a whole lot of normal file formats too.

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Limitations of the Trial version

Audio codec add-ons…

Awave Studio is commercial software marketed as Shareware.

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There's also more some incentives for buying it:

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