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We offer several SDKs for licensing to software developers:

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awC++ v.4.4

C++ Developers SDK

The awC++ library — the Awave streaming C++ audio library — is a C++ software development kit that provides facilities for converting between different audio file formats. It supports a customizable and easily extendible set of formats. Our own Awave Audio, ACDR, Chromatia Tuner and awCOM products are built with it.

Features:  Based on a streaming architecture, which allows conversion of really big files without consuming much memory. Floating point internal format, as well as several "Direct Stream Copy" formats, ensures the highest audio quality. Multi-channel audio is fully supported. Text meta data, as well as embedded cover images are also supported. You can use a simple 'one call only' high level API to get you on track extremely fast, or use the more detailed 'filter graph' API.

Licensing:  The SDK is intended for developers who wish to incorporate audio import, export and/or file conversion functions in their programs. The basic package contains a framework which is customized by adding file format and/or audio dsp modules as needed. The price for licensing depends on the number of these modules that are chosen. Optional modules includes a CD reader module, recording/playback modules, an advanced normalization module, VST hosting support, et c. The license allows you to use it royalty free use in commercial products. The full source code is supplied and the licensee has the right to modify and extend the source code for internal use.

Official platform support:  Windows and Visual Studio C++, targeting both 32-bit and 64-bits.

The stability and reliability of the library has been proved in real-world use by several licensees all over the world with applications ranging from very simple stand-alone, single user applications, all the way up to clusters of powerful UNIX database servers, simultaneously processing many hundreds of voice-mails for a major mobile phone network operator.

You may take a look at the awC++ Reference manual  if you want to know more about the API.

Please Contact us if you are interested in getting more information (incl. pricing).

/ Markus / FMJ-Software

awCOM v.3.7

COM Developers SDK

The awCOM library — Awave streaming audio converter COM library — is a software component that can easily be used from a variety of languages — VB, Delphi, C++, .NET, and many more. It provides functions for converting between several different audio carrying file formats. It can also optionally perform several forms of processing on the audio data. The library is broken up into a modular set of 'filters' that are connected in a 'graph' through which the audio data is 'streamed'. Most modules are licensed separately — you only pay for the parts that you use. awCOM was built as a wrapper on top of awC++ v4.x, which is also the basis for the award winning Awave Audio, ACDR and Chromatia Tuner software, as well as being used in many third party products. The stability and reliability of the code underlying the AwCOM component has thus been proved in real-world use in a wide variety of applications all over the world.

You may take a look at the awCOM Reference manual  if you want to know more about the API.

Also see the awC++ vs awCOM comparison table.

Please Contact us if you are interested in getting more information (incl. pricing).

/ Markus / FMJ-Software

Which one is best for you? — awC++ or awCOM?

  awC++ awCOM
Platforms: All 32- and 64-bit Windows versions. Plus, it's relatively easy to port it to other platforms, e.g. various UNIX flavours. Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.
Development tools: Microsoft Visual C++. But it is quite easy to port to other C++ compilers, e.g. or Borland C++ or GCC. Any environment capable of using COM. (Microsoft Visual C++, VB, C#, Borland C++, Delphi, et c).
Difficulty to use: Use an easy 'one function call' API, or a detailed 'filter graph' API for more advanced control. Very easy (VB and C++ sample applications available).
Source included? Yes, complete. No (except for the sample apps).
File size limitations: Limited only by disk space. Limited only by disk space.
Internal sample precision: 32 or 64-bit floating point with several types of noise shaped dithering for down-conversions. 32-bit floating point with several types of noise shaped dithering for down-conversions.
Included processing: A core set of basic audio processing functions. Resampling and mono/stereo conversions.
Upgrade options: Add more file formats, compression options, or processing functions by adding more source file modules. Additional modules includes: VST hosting module, Normalization module, Playback module, Recording module, Audio CD Reader module, and more. Add more file formats, VST support, audio recording, audio playback, audio normalization, and more.
Royalty costs: None. None.
Licensing costs: Contact us for details! Contact us for details!

ieC++ v.2.3

C++ Developers SDK

The ieC++ library — Image Engine in C++ — is a high-performance, high-quality, class library intended for both image file format conversion and image viewing tasks. It supports all of the more common file formats as well as a handful more esoteric ones.

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Markus / FMJ-Software