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Image Eye v.9.3

The lean, mean and clean image viewer

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Runs under:  Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista.

Translations of the user interface are included for the following languages:
English (American) English (British) Swedish Finnish Greek French Italian Hungarian Dutch Russian German Spanish Polish Czech Turkish Chinese Japanese Korean Arabic Portuguese (Brazilian)

Image Eye is a specialized image viewer — made for the sole purpose of viewing images as quickly and practically as possible — nothing else! You get a window with the picture only — no bulky menus, tool-bars or other fancy but annoying clutter. By default, even the window title-bar is hidden when you don't need it, leaving just a thin black border around the image. There's also many handy and practical user interface tricks (e.g. hit Ctrl–Alt–X to close all image windows).

This software is freeware - there's no advertising, no trial period, no reg-codes, no crippled features. However, if you use and like it, please consider making a donation here — both as a "thank you" and to support its continued development.

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Image Eye UI


Open image dialog:

Viewer window:

Index window:



You access the main menu by right-clicking on an image
Screenshot of Image Eyes main menu

Screenshot of the image adjustment dialog
The image adjustment dialog with its many controls

List of file formats that can be read by Image Eye…

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Portable version:

Install the program on your main computer using any of the above installers, then grab the Image Eye.exe file that was installed. If you run it on a computer where it has not been installed, then settings are not remembered - nothing will be stored in the registry et c, thus leaving an entirely untouched system. This is useful e.g. if you want to run it from a USB-key on a borrowed computer.

Languages included:

English (UK)
English (US)
Portuguese (Brazilian)

Volunteers are wanted to help translate it into more languages.

Volunteers wanted for Image Eye translations!

Image Eye is quite easy to translate to other languages. Only a simple 'translation dictionary' in the form of a text file needs to be created. We can't afford to hire people to do translations though…

This is where you can help! If you'd like a version of Image Eye in your native language and are willing spend an hour to translate it, then it can happen!

Interested?   Contact us and we will get back to you with more information!
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What our users are saying

If you are looking for a fast and quality image viewer program with a clean user interface, it must be Image Eye. It became my favorite program in short time. Also it doesn't use high system sources which makes it user friendly.

Dr. Umut Yilmaz

Image Eye is the best software product I've ever purchased, I use it all the time and you always advise me of updates.

Thanks, Greg Lenz

I am an amateur photographer and scan in quite a few of my photographs. Image Eye provides the best displays of any software I have used when I show friends my photos. I assume it has to do with the method you use to dither, in any event my photos have a very smooth look on the monitor with your software. I have tried quite a large number of commercial, shareware and freeware programs but Image Eye produces the most pleasing results for viewing of any I have used.

Richard Peterson

I must let you know that immediately after downloading Image Eye three days ago, linked from Voyetra, I wanted to register first chance. I am very pleased with the output quality and slick presentation. Unabashedly, I must tell you that this program is one-of-a-kind, not-to-mention the brains behind. The Indexing, slideshow and view options.

My best regards,
         E. Noly Pangilinan

Image Eye should be part of the Windows system. I can't say how often I'm using Image Eye, because it is part of my system.

Pekka Makkonen
Photographer from Finland