The Pleiades

StarStrider v.2.8.7

3D Planetarium + Virtual Spaceship

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StarStrider  is a software planetarium, a virtual spaceship, a 3D star chart, a solar system simulator, and more… It is fun and educative, pure beauty and scientifically accurate. It is our hope that it will give you a glimpse at the wonders of the universe, and inspire you with some of the awe that we feel for the cosmos.

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SKY     StarStrider v2.5 was reviewed with much
praise in the November 2003 issue of
Sky & Telescope Magazine
       S&T Top25     Sky & Telescope Magazine:
Top 25 Hot Products - 1999
"the most entertaining way thus far to tour the stars"
V1.0 featured in the August, September & December 1999 issues.


Here's but a few samples of what you'll be able to see in StarStrider!

Six star rendering modes    Contains the full Hipparcos database of 118 218 stars – plus an optional database of 2 million more stars – with true 3D-positions.

Several star rendering modes – from simple points to Saturated Gauss bells with diffraction crosses.

Visible extent when you get close to a star.

Optional visual effects such as lens flares, camera burn-out, et c.

Just double-click on a star to travel to it.
View a large selection of galaxies, star clusters and nebulae, compiled from a variety of catalogues.
   Galaxies, star clusters, nebulae...

Hovering over Mars...

Visit all of the planets and the major satellites of our solar system.
The program contains detailed planetary surface maps, as well as maps for specular high lights, bumpiness, and cloud layers.
Objects have names    Includes a comprehensive database of common names for stars, constellations, galaxies, nebulae and planet surface features.

You can right click on any object to view more extensive catalogue information on it, including educative notes for some selected objects.
The 'Object finder', pictured below:

The object finder
   A red-blue stereo anaglyph
,O^O, Optionally use 'anaglyph 3D-glasses' for stereo 3D - both 'normal' and 'colour' anaglyphs are supported (above is one a 'red-cyan' color anaglyph).

Also supports SBS stereo and AMD HD3D for true stereo viewing on 3D TVs and projectors.
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Comparison with a real photograph

A comparison between a startsrider screen-shot (above) and a photograph (below)

   Photograph used with permission from Tunc Tezel

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Tellus with Orion
Tellus in front of Orion
Tellus with Luna
Tellus with its companion, Luna.
Sunrise in India
Sunrise in India
Mars and the Milky Way
Mars in front of the Milky Way
Jupiter eclipsed by Io
Jupiter eclipsed by its moon Io
Io and Jupiter
Io in front of Jupiter
Saturn from a famous perspective
Uranus with its faint ring
Triton and Neptune
Triton with its parent planet Neptune
Cassiopeia, Andromeda + deep sky objects
Saturn in 3D
Saturn | red-cyan anaglyph stereo
Hyades and Pleiades in 3D
The Hyades + Pleiades | red-cyan anaglyph
The solar neighbourhood
The constellation lines seen from 100 ly
The Big Dipper without relativistic effects
The Big Dipper without relativistic effects
The Big Dipper with relativistic effects, at 0.921c
Same field with relativistic 0.921c
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